Lowfield Medical Centre

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Statement of purpose

This is a Statement of Purpose for Lowfield Medical Centre which sets out the following information:

  • The full name of the service provider and of any registered manager together with their business
    address, telephone number and where available, electronic email addresses.
  • The legal status of the service provider.
  • Details of the locations at which the services provided for the purposes of the regulated activity
    carried on.
  • Our aims and objectives in carrying on the regulated activity.
  • The kinds of services provided for the purpose of carrying on of the regulated activity.
  • The range of service users’ needs which those services are intended to meet.

Lowfield Medical Centre is a General Practice Partnership open to all patients living within our Practice boundary in Dartford and the surrounding areas. We work in partnership with our patients and our Patient
Participation group to provide medical care for our patients.

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