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Antenatal Services

The midwives are no longer based in the surgery, but are now with the Health Visitors in the Darent Valley Hospital.
If you need to refer yourself to the midwives please visit the Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust.
You do not need to see the GP to be referred to the midwives if you know you are pregnant, however if you have any concerns about the pregnancy you may wish to book an appointment to see a doctor at the surgery.


Anticoagulation Clinic

This is a service run for our patients on anticoagulation treatment by our practice nurses and one of the doctors. We have on-site testing equipment. Patients are referred by their own doctor or the hospital.

Asthma & COPD Clinic

Our nurse prescriber runs asthma/COPD clinics by appointment. Please enquire at reception to make an appointment.

Should you require spirometry testing, please follow the instructions below:

Spirometry is a special lung function test. For it to be accurate, we request you observe the following guidelines:

  • Ideally refrain from smoking for 24 hours prior to test.
  • As far as possible avoid using any short acting bronchodilator e.g. Ventolin for 4 hours before and if on long acting bronchodilator e.g. Salmeterol or Oxis try to avoid for 12 hours before.
  • Avoid taking a large meal immediately before coming.

For those patients who are house-bound with these conditions our Community Matrons will liaise with the doctors and arrange to visit you to support you with your condition.

This practice is part of the Telehealth project which aims to support house-bound patients with long term conditions by monitoring those conditions at home together with the support of the Community Matrons and the GP’s. As a patient if you wish to be involved in this the matrons or your doctor will discuss this with you and together you can decide whether it is appropriate for your condition.

Contraceptive advice

This practice offers a full range of contraceptive services including the combined contraceptive pill and progesterone only pill. If you would prefer the coil or the Mirena fitted you will need a pre-insertion appointment with the nurse for routine swabs. Once these are clear you will need a 30 minute appointment with the doctor and nurse for insertion. You will then be offered a six week check as follow up.

We also offer the progesterone injection, the progesterone implant and counselling services. Initially you will need to make an appointment to discuss this with the doctor.

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Diabetic clinic

The GPs and practice nurses jointly run the diabetic clinic. The practice aims to do a full diabetic check on every diabetic patient in their care every year.

  • A urine sample must be given (a pot can be collected from the surgery).
  • An appointment with the Phlebotomist will be made for a blood test, followed by a 15 minute appointment with the Practice Nurse.
  • If there is any change of medication required or a medication review then you will have a phone consultation with the GP or Clinical Pharmacist.

Flu Clinics

In 2020/21, flu vaccinations will be offered under the NHS flu vaccination programme to the following groups:

Please call 01322 224550 to arrange an appointment.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for a Flu vaccination on the NHS please see this page: Who should get the flu vaccine?

Immunisation clinic

We offer a comprehensive baby and child immunisation programme according to the British schedule. For detailed information please visit NHS Choices.

  • New Babies – You will be sent an appointment for the first immunisation at 8 weeks and further appointments will be made by the nurse when you attend.
  • Newly Registered Children – You will be asked to bring in your child’s red book when you attend the registration appointment. This will enable us to check your child’s immunisation status and put the information on our computer. The nurse will then telephone you to make an appointment for your child to receive their next immunisations.
  • HPV is currently administered by school nurses in secondary school. The surgery is notified of any girls who have missed any of the doses and we will administer these at the surgery.
  • BCG is no longer routinely given as part of the immunisation schedule.

Menopausal advice

The practice offers the full range of menopausal treatments. You will need to make an appointment to discuss the options available to you with a doctor.

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Minor surgery

We hold one surgery a month for minor operations performed by Dr. David Lawrence and after a referral from your doctor. Once you have been assessed by your doctor and referred for a minor operation your name will be put on the waiting list by the Practice Manager. You will then be called into the surgery according to your priority.

Phlebotomy clinics

We hold phlebotomy clinics on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings from 8.30am – 10.30am by appointment made at reception.


What does a fasting blood test mean?

This means that you must not have any food or drink except water for 12 hours before you have your blood taken.

May I take my tablets?

Yes you may, but if in doubt, please ask the doctor or nurse.

What happens if I am told to book a glucose tolerance test?

You will need to fast from the night before and this includes not eating any sweets or gum. You may drink water. You should book an appointment at 8.30am for the first blood test and glucose drink and then you will have a second blood test 2 hours later. You have to remain in the surgery sitting quietly so you may wish to bring a book or magazine.


Patients must be referred by a GP to see an NHS Podiatrist. Please book an appointment to see your GP.

Download Patient Information on Alternative Sources of Foot Care.

Postnatal services

Both your health visitor and midwife will be in close contact after the delivery of your baby and will give you their contact numbers. Your doctor will perform your post natal check and six to eight weeks baby check at the surgery. You will be sent an appointment for this by the surgery.

You will also receive in this letter an appointment for your baby’s first immunisation which is normally performed at about 8 weeks at the surgery, by our immunisations nurse. Also enclosed will be a registration form to register your baby at this practice.

Sexual health clinic

The clinic is not held at Lowfield Medical Centre

COVID-19 (coronavirus) advice for patients attending West Kent sexual health services

In accordance with the National NHS Policy, the Rubin Clinic has put in place a number of restrictions for patients visiting our service.

Since MARCH 23, all walk-in services across the West Kent sexual health services sites have been closed.

There is now a ‘booked appointment’ ONLY service and this will be offered if necessary following a telephone consultation with one of our clinicians.

All patients must now call us on either:

The Rubin Clinic, Maidstone on 01622 225713 – 8am to 10am

The Riverside Clinic, Gravesend on 01474 360833 or 01474 360663– 8am to 10am

The Rubin Clinic, Dartford on 01322 948026 – 8am to 10am

You will be initially phone triaged and then called back by a clinician who will discuss your concerns and signpost you to the most appropriate service.

For STI screening, if you are asymptomatic please use the online STI testing service via www.kent.gov.uk/sexualhealth

The website will be updated on a regular basis.

West Kent sexual health service clinics

The Rubin Clinic Sexual Health services provide expert care on all areas of sexual health, HIV care and contraception with a professional, non-judgmental approach across Maidstone, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks. We have a range of specialist doctors and nurses who can help you.

We welcome people of all race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion and age.

How you can contact us…

You can come along to any of our confidential services for advice, tests and treatment, but we please look at the weekly list of clinic services in your area before you calling the sexual health service.

If you are over 16 years of age and live in Kent and you are just looking for a check-up you can order a home testing kit.

For advice on STIs, contraception and HIV, or to book an appointment contact us on 01622 225713. We are happy to provide information and advice over the phone during our opening hours.

If you need to cancel your appointment we have a designated cancellation line. This is an automated service which asks for your name, DOB, contact number and the date, time and venue of your appointment. Messages can be left at any time during the day or night and are checked regularly. Allowing sufficient time before your appointment would be much appreciated.

Cancellation Line No. 01622 225101.

Professionals can refer patients by emailing [email protected]

Travel health

Lowfield Medical Centre is a Yellow Fever Centre. Please make appointments with the Practice Nurse for your Yellow Fever vaccinations. We also provide a vaccination service for holiday/work vaccination requirements. Please ask at Reception for details of the fees of the various vaccinations.

Further information can be found on our travel page here.

Well Women Clinics

Two of our female nurses offer well woman checks during the course of their regular surgeries. This needs a 20 minute appointment half way through your menstrual cycle. During this appointment they will ask you about your general health and any smoking, drinking and exercise habits. It will provide an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have and to seek advice on any changes you may wish to make.

The physical examination will take the form of a blood pressure check, weight and a cervical smear. You will be written to with the results of your smear within 4 weeks, so it is essential we have an up-to-date address and contact details.

If there are any concerns you can always ring the surgery.

Whooping cough

Pregnant ladies over 20 weeks are invited to have a whooping cough vaccination. Please phone for an appointment and information.

Download our Information Leaflet.