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Men and Women Services

Well Women Clinics

Two of our female nurses offer well woman checks during the course of their regular surgeries. This needs a 20 minute appointment half way through your menstrual cycle. During this appointment they will ask you about your general health and any smoking, drinking and exercise habits. It will provide an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have and to seek advice on any changes you may wish to make.

The physical examination will take the form of a blood pressure check, weight and a cervical smear. You will be written to with the results of your smear within 4 weeks, so it is essential we have an up-to-date address and contact details.

If there are any concerns you can always ring the surgery.

Menopausal Advice

The practice offers the full range of menopausal treatments. You will need to make an appointment to discuss the options available to you with a doctor.

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Routine Medical Reviews for Patients on Medication

Patients who are on regular medication are expected to attend the surgery for a review usually annually, sometimes sooner depending on the medication.

If you are having regular Blood Tests, e.g. patients on blood pressure tablets, it is sensible to have these tests a week before seeing the Doctor, so that the results are available for discussion when you arrive, particularly important if there are any abnormalities.

Blood tests can be done at the surgery as well as at the hospital. We book routine appointments with the GP one week in advance, the receptionist can arrange the blood test one week before you are due to see the GP and it is best to make the appointment when you have your blood taken.

Adult Abuse

What is it?

What can you do if you suspect that a vulnerable adult is being abused or neglected?

If you have concerns that a vulnerable adult is being abused you
may contact your local Social Service’s office and ask to speak
to the duty officer. They will answer your questions and explain
the referral process.

Protecting vulnerable adults from abuse e.g. harm and
exploitation is the aim of Kent and Medway’s Adult Protection
Policy and Protocols. It is the right of every adult to live in a safe
environment free from abuse.

To find out more download the Kent and Medway’s Adult Abuse Information Leaflet.

Private Services

Some services we provide are not covered by the NHS. This means that a fee is charged for these services which is payable in advance. Download our Fees for Non NHS work.

Want to know more? See our FAQs regarding Private and Professional Fees for Non NHS Work.